Jo-anne is certified through the PhysicalMind Institute®. She has worked closely with Lesley Powell and Doris Pasteleur Hall, two of New York's best teachers who train with a contemporary approach in the pilates method. Jo-anne is interested in integrating the pilates work with principles of yoga and her own dance experience to bring about a practice that restores musculoskeletal imbalances and builds core strength for better alignment and function.

Jo-anne dances with the highly athletic Brian Brooks Moving Company, whom she has performed and toured with since 2002. She trains kung fu at the USA Shaolin Temple, and practices Anusara Yoga at Vira Yoga.

With her dance and martial arts background and pilates training, Jo-anne works with a range of high level athletes, from Iron Man Triathlon competitors, to muay thai fighters to professional dancers. She also works with clients rehabilitating from hip and knee surgeries, and others who have a range of physical issues and injuries including scoliosis and herniated discs.

Jo-anne believes that aligning the body to it's optimal blueprint is not only key but is the essential foundation for a happy and pain free body. Happy body, happy life!